27, 2016 2:52 p.m.CDT Caption Ian D. McCandless By Newton Daily News A Newton Man has been charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm after he told police he shot himself in the foot with a handgun. Newton Police were called to Skiff Medical Center on the evening of July 5 regarding a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Ian D. McCandless, 23, of Newton, told police he was handling a .380 handgun and accidentally shot himself in the foot. His injuries were non-life threatening. McCandless was arrested Wednesday on a warrant for this charge. He was released from Jasper County Jail after posting a $5,000 bond. Newton Police Chief Rob Burdess said because McCandless was under medical treatment for some time, he was not arrested immediately. A warrant was issued for him and he was picked up on that charge recently.

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For years, the borough has paid anywhere from $43,000 to $217,000 annually in additional fees to the Pequannock River Basin Regional Sewerage Authority (PRBRSA) because more water is calculated to be exiting the borough than entering it. Residents have had to endure increases to their sewer and water rates for the past several years to help cover the surcharges. The borough has performed extensive studies over the years to find the source of the inflow and infiltration problem, but no cause has been found. At the Sept. 14 Borough Council meeting, Councilman Dave Desai talked about one area near the borough’s sewer system that has not been looked at. Desai said the borough has only studied within Riverdale from where the borough’s border line starts and where it ends. Desai said the there is a stretch of land along the Pequannock River that leads from the PRBRSA line to the start of borough line that has not been examined. Desai said there are no other major connections between the PRBRSA’s line and the borough’s line. “We are concerned that there may be some sort of breeches on the line because it’s not just rain,” he said. “If it was rain you would see the spikes. This is consistent flow that doesn’t add up to what we are putting in the system.” Desai added, “A consistent flow to me is a body of water and the obvious culprit to me.

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