Another surgery type is called arthroplasty or phalangeal head resection, wherein a part of the bone is removed from the rigid toe followed by toe straightening. The doctor may also recommend wearing postoperative shoes with stiff soles for 2 – 3 weeks, or until the painful symptoms subside completely. You can get a simple bunion-removal surgery done at the local surgeon. The swelling subsides when the injury is healed or septic cut is taken care of with help of medicines. This condition can also come about when the cartilage the tissue covering the end of the bones and joints begins to break down and eventually wear off. But, in case of hip or joint surgery, it may be difficult to get back to normal physical activities soon. This may indicate the bone to form an extra bone which may provide extra support to the foot. Check with your doctor as to when you can resume exercise, intercourse and other every day activities.

A Detailed Overview Of Picking Out Essential Elements Of Foot Surgery

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