News on Monday to promote their new novel,Time of the Twins: The Story of Lex and Livia, but when the conversation turned to their love lives, Kylie, 19, got somewhat bashful. Im just the same! she said. [Tyga and I] arejust chilling. Kendall, 21, wasnt about to let her sister off that easily. Were just chilling, she repeated, eyebrows raised and pointedly reaching towards the giant rock on Kylies left hand. You know this is just a little promise ring, said Kylie with a shy smile, staring down at the bling. RELATED VIDEO:Kylie Jenner Shows Off Promise Ring from Tyga Kylieand Tyga, 27,were first linked in the fall of 2014, though they didnt confirm the relationship until March 2015. Following her18th birthday in August that year, the twobecame much more open as a couple, regularly stepping out together and documenting much of their love on social media . go to the websiteNotwithstanding a few brief splits , the two have been going strong ever since, and in September Kylie took to Snapchat to reveal that the sparkly diamond ring she had been wearing on that fingerwas a promise ring from the rapper . If this is a promise ring, I want to know what my engagement ring gonna look like, she captioned a close-up shot of the rock. And Kylie, being Kylie, returns diamonds with diamonds : When Tyga celebrated his birthday on Saturday, she gifted him withone impressive bracelet.

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